• Allow an expert to monitor your health

    All information about your health is transferred to a health care professional, allowing them to monitor any changes in your health, make the proper recommendations and take appropriate measures if necessary.

  • Be in touch with an expert at any time and from anywhere in the world

    Share the information about your health with your doctor, exchange messages, conduct video conferences and get advice on health care.

  • Follow the recommendations correctly and on time

    The system automatically recalls the need to implement the recommendations of a health worker: take a drug or perform a measurement.

  • Monitor your health parameters and the dynamics of changes

    Introduce the measurements of your health parameters manually or by using integrated devices, store the history of measurements and view the dynamics of change of the indicators.

  • EMMA Care - take care of your health and save your time!

What is EMMA Care?

EMMA Care is an infrastructure that ensures remote interaction between the doctor and the patient in order to continuously track any changes in the patient's health.

EMMA Care facilitates real-time monitoring of the patient's health and prompt response to any change in his or her health condition.

EMMA provides the following opportunities:
  • The opportunity to continuously track any changes in the patient's health condition;
  • Assessment of the patient's health condition based on objective indicators of health and subjective assessment of the state of health;
  • The receipt of timely, relevant information from the patient, with which to correct and refine treatment planning;
  • Easy online communication between the doctor and the patient;
  • Continuous feedback throughout the course of treatment or rehabilitation;
  • A single medical-data repository for all of the user's devices that support information exchange with external systems;
  • Alerts on deviations in the patient's measurements from the norm established by the doctor.
Benefits for the clinic that uses EMMA Care
Improvement of treatment efficacy and quality using advanced technologies
Increase in the number of services provided
Increase of customer loyalty through the patient's emotional involvement in the course of treatment, as well as the ability to save time on personal visits to the doctor
Remote communication with external healthcare professionals for consulting as well as the ability to obtain and provide their patients with the expert second opinions
EMMA Care makes it easy and convenient to monitor your health! 

The purposes of EMMA Care System

Patients with chronic diseases

The system provides dynamic observation of patients and quick correction of their treatment program.

Pregnant women and infants

The system provides these patients with constant close supervision by qualified specialists or other suitably qualified healthcare professionals.

Elderly patients and businessmen

Elderly patients and businessmen unable to visit doctors regularly. The system provides the opportunity to check their state of health regularly, without loss of time and energy.

For patient

The system provides a workplace for patients, allowing him to keep a personal medical diary in which we can:
  • Input the results of measurements of various vital indicators (blood pressure, pulse, weight, blood sugar and others);
  • Display general information about patient’s health condition;
  • Track the execution of doctor’s recommendations;
  • Archive patient’s medical documents.

For doctor

The workplace for a doctor allows efficient tracking and monitoring of large numbers of patients. For each patient the doctor can:
  • Monitor the measurements of various health status indicators (pulse, pressure, weight, and other);
  • Analyze the dynamic changes of the main health indicators and adjust the treatment process;
  • Compose individual treatment plans;
  • Configure the notification system based on the changes in the state of health of each patient individually.

Mobile version

A specially designed mobile version of EMMA Care allows the patient to receive notifications about the need to follow the prescriptions and quickly enter the results of the measurements. The doctor receives reliable information about their patients’ health conditions in real-time.

Now the patient can constantly be in contact with his doctor, regardless of his location.


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